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DIY Wedding Favours

By Louise Campbell on 22-Mar-15 14:20

So you're thinking that you'd like to send all your wedding guests home with a little token of appreciation - something that will remind them of your day. Thats what a Wedding Favour is for. 

The tradition behind wedding favours goes back quite far in history. The very first wedding favours - originally referred to as a "bonbonniere" - were small trinket boxes made from porcelain, crystal and/or precious stones and usually contained a sweet treat or sugar cubes. They were common amongst European aristocracy and were intended to symbolize wealth and royalty. As the cost of sugar and treats dropped and they became more accessible - the practise of giving wedding favours became more common. Later the "bonbonniere' included 5 sugar coated almonds as the gift representing health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.

More recently - the "bonbonniere" has become known as the Wedding Favour and is common among couples planning their weddings. The Wedding Favour is usually given out during the Wedding Reception, or in some cases forms part of the table settings. Its sometimes a handmade gift that reflects the Bride and Grooms personality or the theme/style of the wedding. Gifts range from chocolates, to bottle stops, CDs containing the happy couples favourite music or even - in our case - Candles. 

If you're a DIY bride - looking for ways to cut the cost of your wedding - but still want to give out something pretty and useful then our DIY Candle Favours could be exactly what you're looking for.....

Here's what you'll need......

  • Tea Light Candles - allow 4 per guest
  • Washi Tape - you can pick this up from most stationery/craft shops - we picked ours up from and totally LOVE local supplier Wishy Washy NZ
  • Ribbon (if you can find something to co-ordinate with your washi tape - PERFECT!)
  • Tulle Circles - we picked ours up from our local Spotlight but if you can't find any just buy your Tulle by the metre and draw and cut around a dinner plate 
  • Scissors

Start by wrapping the Washi Tape around the metal candle case. 

If you can find Washi Tape thats the same width as your candle case - perfect - if not - don't worry! Just wrap it and then very carefull fold it underneath to create a neat edge. 

Now - repeat until all your candles are covered. You can either do them all in the same colour/design or do a variety! Do whatever fits in with your wedding theme/style. We created these ones to match with our Gold and Pink Ribbon Backdrop and so went for a variety of patterns in colours of pinks and gold. 

Next up - grab one of your Tulle Cirles and pile your tealight candles up in the middle then gather the tulle up neatly and pinch.


Secure it with a length of ribbon and then tidy up/tighten where needed. 

Repeat all the above until you have all your little candles all wrapped. 

We alternated between gold and pink ribbon for variety. You could even add a little tag and use these as place cards!