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Loopstar Designs!

By on 21-Nov-13 12:30

You know when someone says “I have favours and table plans coming out the wazoo!!” that you can be pretty sure of a couple of things.  A) That this person is going to be rather awesome and b) that they just love their job and weddings too!



I took a lovely morning walk along Brooklands Road to meet with Louise at her at-home studio.  We sat in her kitchen chatting about weddings, renovations, hindsight (being a beautiful thing) and of course, Loopstar!



Louise is in the middle of a double major in arts and it really shows.  The attention to detail and the craftsmanship of her work is out of this world and it’s what her customers really appreciate.  Take a look:





There are a couple of different ways you can choose a Loopstar Design, and each choice gives you more choices to choose from...and then there are colours and lots of lots of exciting other stuff, too many to list!  Email Louise and she will be happy to run you through it.  If you love attention to detail, you want something handmade but not the STRESS of doing it yourself, this is definitely for you!


But wait!!  Of course there is more!  Seating plans...


 Check these awesome envelopes out (okay, might have been a little wee bit excited about these.  Look how pretty they fold!!)



And really intricate invitations, with pockets for RSVP cards, instructions, all sorts.  Might have been a little excited about these as well.....POCKETS!  Everything Louise makes is completely unique.  Seeing these examples up close, you can truly appreciate the detail that goes into them.  The little touches make such a difference.



Beautiful handmade wedding favours....



CD wallets....!!



And just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be anything else, Louise makes these delicious smelling eco candles as well in upcycled vessels.  She is a super talented lady! 


It’s such an easy process too.  I wish I had a wedding to plan so I could get some envelope pockets.


I mentioned stress and hindsight before.  Both Louise and I have been married and we both agree hindsight is a wonderful thing.  Take it from me/we/us, if you are thinking of hand-making your invitations, talk to Louise first.  Sometimes these things aren’t worth the stress, when you have suits to arrange, flowers to choose, shoes to find......aaahhhh!!!


Thank you Louise for having me, I could have stayed and chatted all day.


Nat from TW xx