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Mystery Bus Tour Revealed

By Louise Campbell on 25-Aug-12 21:21

The very first Mystery Bus Tour was a massive hit on Saturday , 25th August 2012, but before we travel back through the day, I want to thank all our Vendors and Sponsors.


Firstly to Sponsors, Sam Design and Katie O'Neill Foto. Without the help of your creative heads, the explosion of ideas would not have moulded a master piece. To Dallas and Graeme at Dalroys Tours for providing our safe journey to each stop, and to our Vendors; Jenny and Ben at Dobsons Marquee and Party Hire, Terry and his team at Table Restaurant (Nice Hotel and Best Suites), Lynsay, Adrienne, Julie and Theresa at the New Plymouth District Council who blew us away with both fantastic venues, Yarrow Stadium and the TSB Bowl of Brooklands.


Our day started at East End with a meet and greet, a goody bag and a name badge hand-made by Tara Ward Calligraphy before walking to the bus. Looking wearily up at the sky with its dark clouds hovering around, we quickly forgot about the weather. Excitement grew as we took our seats and were given a lovely individual flower arrangement from Roz at Lodge Floral Studio. Our first venue was out at Lepperton to Puritawa Estate where we were split into two to explore the property that looks straight out of a fairytale book.


Waving good-bye to Lou and Anneke, we were back on the bus to the next venue, but to make the trip more fun, we added multiple choice Wedding Trivia and a hand out of vouchers from Sandra Henderson Photographer. Arriving at our next destination, a few "wows" were heard at the back of the bus when seeing through the windows of Dobsons that the whole showroom was a combination of everything they do for decorating and hire.


Jenny and Ben greeted us with bubbles and a lollie bar that we all enjoyed like children before Jenny went through the paces of knowledge and experience gained from years in the industry.


While nibbling on canapes and a second glass of bubbles (or maybe that was just me), everyone noticed the hunky piece of metal driving in the driveway.  Jeff Roylance and his 1957 Chevy Belair had arrived to take the winners of the Trivia quiz for a ride to the next destination.


With the rest of us on the bus, the answers to the trivia are read out while I do a balancing act to hand out vouchers from Sheer Bliss, Dobsons and Royale Beauty.


We arrive at Table Restaurant at the Nice Hotel and Best Suites and were welcomed by Terry and Jill with another glass of bubbles (spoilt!)


In the background you can hear the cool sounds of Guitarra before you see them through the crowd on the deck. Terry tells us all about what he can do for weddings and gives some good and friendly advice including how to treat our Mums when planning, and he has a point, it is their dream too! So "don't be mean to Mum."


We were lucky enough to see how a wedding is set up at the Nice Hotel with a couple having a small and intimate wedding that afternoon at 4pm. In between platters of food for lunch we all take turns browsing the rooms of the hotel and Best Suites - one word....Royalty.


After lunch we had fun with the girls from 5th Element who belly danced for us on the deck and even taught us some moves - much to the amusement of the chefs in the kitchen!


Back on the bus and its more vouchers from Copthorne Hotel Grand Central and Heliview as well as another trivia quiz - this time Celebrity Weddings. We arrive on time at Yarrow Stadium and the first thing we notice is the view across the field then quickly to the four models dressed in full wedding dresses. We're introduced to Roz from Lodge Floral Studio who runs us through what she does as a wedding florist but also as a stockist of Linden Leaves and this part I like....she makes her own candles.


Diana from Sparklewhite Teeth then has our attention with her chair and demonstration, using one of our Brides to be as a model. Strictly Dance has our attention next with their presentation and information about Youtube dances and that its more often the groom that wants to re-create or do better! Tamara and Danny are a happily married team and can probably give you free marital advice if you book your dance lessons with them as well (but don't quote me on that)!


We can't stop the peripherals making a bee-line for the four models in wedding dresses, so we wander further down into the room. Kelly from Churchwood Bridal gives us all some good advice about wedding dress shopping and lets us know about the difference in the four dresses. Princess, mermaid, swarkovski crystals, silk - oh so glamorous!


Taking it from there is Julie from the Council for Yarrow Stadium who accidentally gives away our next venue that creates a good buzz and a few giggles. Michael from Theatre Lamp and Lighting compliments Julies presentation as they work closely with all decorating needs. The place looks amazing with the tables set up, draping, lolly bar and the tasty treats from their on-site caterers who have made prawn twisters, fish bites and spring rolls to accompany our mocktails.


Strictly Dance then take centre stage to give us a dance demonstration that left some heat under the collar of most of us there. Lucky for those mocktails to cool us down! While others go back to ask vendors questions, the rest of us are happy to wander over to a table that has individually packaged cup cakes laid out in a heart from Little Miss Cup Cakes. They are delicious!


On the way to our final venue we announce the winners of the Celebrity Trivia - an impressive 9/10 with a voucher from the Thermal Mineral Pools. Noticing the goody bags getting fatter, we can't help but hand out more vouchers from La Dress and The White Dove Company before arriving at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands.


We get off the bus and can immediately hear the sounds of flute and guitar from the stage. It creates a good buzz as we're walking down the grass. We can see instantly that the stage is set up with paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and then our vendors, Rick Shaw Coffee Tuk Tuk, Eliza Jane Flowers and Flutarra. The aroma of coffee distracts the group before being introduced to Theresa to speak about the Bowl as a venue.


And what a venue. I've always been to the Bowl for concerts, christmas carols and other events as a patron looking at the stage, not from the stage. The view is really special and very unique, it impressed us all. We then have Eliza's attention who has an amazing display of bouquets and a TV slide show of what she can do. One bouquet that was wonderfully presented had rosemary around the bottom - the fragrance is amazing! Next to her are two leaner tables full of colourful love heart cookies from Annettes Cake Design. We rip in to the packaging quickly and enjoy it with our coffee!


While Jocelyn and Ross from Flutarra play songs we all know and love in the background, Katie O'Neill starts taking fun photos of us all with props with the park in the background. This had to be the best amusement all day, watching everyone have fun with the old hats and wedding veil.


At 4.30 we head back to the bus exhausted. Not losing enthusiasm though, we hand out the last of the vouchers from TSH and the band Easy and a spot prize voucher from Kim Jordan Make-up Artist before arriving back at Nobs Line for drop off.


I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but I did want to end this blog by saying: lovely group - amazing vendors - helpful friends!!