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By on 13-Dec-13 11:55

It’s a stroke of genius having a beauty clinic at a gym.  When you have had a particularly taxing workout at Contours and all you can think about is a massage or a facial, Timeless Beauty is literally 10 paces away and in the same building!  What cleverness!



Of course I had to pop in and visit with Melissa.  I am fascinated with skincare – all the pretty products, the wonderful smells, the promise of glowing skin.  She is quite the expert, so I thought I would share some of her wisdom with you: 



“I have been a Therapist for just over 11 years now - I have worked both here in New Zealand and Overseas. I returned to New Plymouth almost three years ago and purchased Timeless Beauty in April 2012. The thing I love the most about my industry is that everyone comes to you because they want to and everyone leaves (hopefully!!) in a relaxed state”


"I believe as soon as you get engaged is a good time to start thinking seriously about your skin (if you don't already). I would always advise that you come in and have a consultation with us so we can get you on the right track as soon as possible - 80% of your skin health comes from what you do at home, so it’s essential that you are using the correct products  and 20% comes from what we can do for you in the clinic”



“When you visit us for the first time, you will be asked to fill out an in-depth consultation card - this covers current regimes, past procedures, any issues you have with your skin etc. Once this is done we talk over our findings, discussing any issues/ concerns etc.”


“You will then be put under our Skin Scope which allows us to see a deeper view of your skin - here we will map down our findings ie pigment, dehydration, thinning skin etc. We will then write out a prescription card which will include our findings and will have a "master plan" of what treatments we think will help you obtain optimum skin health along with recommendations for correct homecare products - and the best thing this is a complimentary service!”


Natalie under the Skin Scope!  More sunscreen needed!




“We offer two professional Skin Care ranges,one of which is a Cosmeceutical (I-Dermed), I have worked with this product for over four years now and have seen amazing results. The other is a natural line from Australia called NAT."




“We also use Youngblood Mineral makeup which is a great long wearing makeup that really is an add on to your skincare, it truly is healthy for your
skin.  We also use the very well known St Tropez Tan. This tan is green base,(so no orange skin for you) and it also activates with your own melanin so will not go over the top dark!”





“Secrets for healthy skin - be sure you are using the correct product for your skin and have a regime where you cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night.  This will definitely make a massive difference to your skin health. A well balanced diet and plenty of water is also key.”


Great advice at just the right time!  If you are planning a wedding for the summer, why not pop in to Timeless Beauty and chat with Melissa.  You will walk out on cloud nine.


Have a great weekend!

Nat from TW xx