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Wedstock - Dave and Kylie

By Louise Campbell on 06-Oct-16 16:20

We remember seeing sneak peek images of this AMAZING wedding a while ago and thinking "OH MY GOODNESS - This must have been the COOLEST WEDDING EVER"...... 

At the moment - we're seeing lots of Boho Themed Weddings, occasional Vintage Themed Weddings and the odd Rustic Themed Weddings.....when we heard about Dave and Kylies Wedstock Wedding and all that it entailed - we were desperate to hear more! We're super excited they agreed to share their amazing day with us and you - here's what Kylie had to say about their BIG DAY! 

Tell us about your love story, how did you meet etc?

I used to go and watch his band play back when they were regulars at Mad Toms… a true groupie.


Why did you say 'YES'?  How did you know/why is he the one?

Dave makes me feel needed, like I really matter. He makes me laugh, and he fits in with all sides of my mixed up family which is really important to me. We are able to be together, but have our own lives which to me is vital in any relationship. I love his passion for music, and his curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Getting a little sickly now, but I don’t tell him enough how much he means to me so now he can read it whenever he likes! He was able to be pretty confident that he’d get a yes, as I’d been pestering him for the ring for quite a while.


What was your inspiration or theme for the day?

Wedstock! A twist on the Woodstock music festival. I love older music, 60s and 70s especially. Dave is a musician and so are many of our friends and family. Plus with such a wide mixture of friends and family, we needed music to suit all tastes, so we had 6+ bands play throughout the day and night. Music was the main part, but the hippy theme grew around it. We ended up having all of our guests dressed like hippies, the wedding party were in what I like to call “formal-hippy” attire. We arrived in a VW Kombi van, had bright fun colours for decorations and everyone got John Lennon shades as a gift. In true music festival style, we had wristbands and lanyards with the band line-up, and we had different food stalls. It was the wedding of my dreams and I would relive it again and again if I could!


Amongst the many special moments, what are the “stand out” memories for you?

  • Sharing the song with Dave on stage (him on guitar, me singing, along with the other members of his band). Unfortunately given my lack of knowledge of current music, I didn’t realise every other wedding that season would incorporate the same song to their weddings too!
  • My Dad telling his stories about his old kombi van on the way there.
  • Having a smooch in the photobooth with Dave – we hardly saw each other once the party kicked off so it’s nice to have that special moment alone captured on camera.
  • Picking my mum up on the way down the aisle, it was really important to me to have her part of that special moment.
  • My cuddle with my big brother straight after the ceremony. He put so much hard work in to making our day happen and it hit me once we got through the main part.
  • Hearing the reading my best friend wrote for me, and knowing how lucky I was to have someone who gets me so well in my life other than Dave.


There are so many aspects to make a wedding uniquely you.  What were important to you to make your wedding day just perfect for you?

  •  Making a day that Dave would love and be proud of as well. I used to want the fairytale princess wedding, I always dreamed of it. But my tastes changed, and this style of wedding would be one to make Dave feel comfortable as well.
  • Encouraging silliness and fun. Having the dress-up theme meant people could just let loose and get as creative as they wanted.


In hindsight, is there anything that you would have done differently? 

  • Listened to my friend when she told me to stop and take it in. We always promised we’d do that for each other… she listened to me but I didn’t listen to her! Before you know it the day has flown by and your new husband is carrying your drunk self up to bed!
  • Made sure the red wine was actually there, a serious slip up according to my brother.
  • Got my nervous s**t together before standing on stage for the ceremony… I look terribly nervous in the video. And again before I sang. For those of you who sing you’ll understand how much nerves can close up your voice which I was absolutely gutted about.

What advice would you give to future brides to be?

  • Never be afraid to have a bit of fun with your theme, you (hopefully) only get to do this once, so make it memorable.
  • You’ll be pulled in all directions with your guests. Make sure you get at least one special moment with your new husband throughout the night before it ends.
  • Stop and take it all in several times throughout the day.
  • Get up and enjoy the party you’ve put so much work in to. You’ve created this amazing day to share with your family and friends. If something didn’t work out, forget about it, just go and have a good time!

What do you love most about being a MRS?

I’ll be honest, not a whole lot changes. But there is a special feeling there knowing that you declared you love to each other in front of all of those people who mean so much to you. You both know what you mean to each other, but knowing that the person you love was willing to get up in front of all those people and say something so special and private makes you truly feel special. Plus hearing him say “my wife” on the phone to people or introducing you to someone is pretty cool too!


Anything else you would like to add?

Just f***ing have fun with it. Don’t ever be so serious about your wedding, as the stress isn’t worth it. Don’t forget the real reason you’re having a wedding…



Photographer: Rebecca Inns Photography and CaptureYou

Hair & Makeup: MAsh (Ashleigh Collins) for makeup and Holly Newland for hair.

Flowers: Blegh, don’t do flowers. I made mine from sheet music.

Cake: My stepmother AKA The Ice Maiden

Brides Dress & Accessories: Churchwood Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses & Accessories: Jeanswest (can’t get hippy dresses from your usual bridal shop!)

Grooms Suits & Accessories: Hallensteins

Planner/Stylist: Alyx Barkla and Celine Filbee of Jack It Up events

Venue/Catering :  Our back paddock and barn with Dobson’s Marquee and Party Hire, Joe’s Garage, The Black Harp, India Today, Kats Gelato, Petit Paris, Momo Sushi

Invitations: Razz Print

Celebrant: Mary Bourke

Transport: Friend of a friend’s Kombi van

Entertainment: Avalanche, Download, Alan Manu, Bullfrog Rata, Celine and Dylan Filbee, Truly Made, Juliet McLean, Photo Booth Fun.

Anything else you would like to add? Westend Hire and TSH for machinery, toilets, staging and lighting.