Planning and Design

So how's your Wedding Planning going?

Sometimes it's REALLY hard to even know where to start, right? How soon should you book a venue? When should you start shopping for a dress? And don't even get me started on keeping track of the budget....

Our TOTALLY FREE downloadable Wedding Planner is here to take care of that for you! It contains everything you need to kick start and keep control of your Wedding Plans. From a stage-by-stage 12 month planning checklist to a budget worksheet, somewhere to record your guest list, jot down your vow ideas and so much more.

Simply click on the link below to download it and then all you need to do is print it off at home or at work, stick it in a ringbinder and you're off and running. There's lots of handly note pages and doodle pages too - and you can print off extra of whatever you need! 

And the VERY BEST thing about it - it's TOTALLY FREE with no strings attached!