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Bronzed at Beauty on Barclay!

By on 09-Jan-14 14:32

I love the smell of peppermint.  It’s uplifting yet calming, invigorating yet peaceful.  I walked into Beauty on Barclay and was instantly wrapped in a cocoon of delicious peppermint.  What a great way to start a morning! 



Debra runs an at home business, focussing solely on spray tans and eyelash extensions.  Which are two things that should definitely be seriously considered when you are getting ready for your big day! 



Debra runs her lash business from home (which is a tranquil oasis in Ferndale, only 6 mins from town).


These are the party lashes, they last 1-2 weeks if well looked after, perfect for a special occasion.  The proper lash extensions are individually applied to your own lashes and do need maintaining....



....but just look at the results!





Happy clients! 



Since Taranaki Weddings is in the business of recommendations, I decided to try out Debra’s spray tan for myself.  Personally, I’m a big fan of spray tans.  I like to look tanned, without having to lie under the laser-beam sun.


And could you want for a prettier place to get a spray tan?! 



Debra uses a product called BGorgeous that is mostly organic, which is good for you and the environment.  You can choose from an 8 hour development or an express 1 hour development, perfect for parties (just in case you were interested, Debra’s self tanning tent travels and does parties at your place – hostesses get their spraytan free!  Ask her when you call her up to book your tan in).  Get a spray tan, have some bubbles, put on your make-up and you are ready to hit the town! 


These are my legs before....



...and this is after.  All shiny and gorgeous. 



And the main image of the blog are my legs today.  The great thing about the solution Debra uses is that you won't have any "oompaloompaness" or orange-toned skin.  The tanning spray works with every skin tone, meaing you are just left with a golden tan result.  Perfect!    


It was truly a pleasure to meet you Debra!  And thanks for the glowiness! 


Nat from TW x