Bride Guide

Introducing Boho Bridal

By Louise Campbell on 20-Dec-15 14:51

Last week I made a little trip up Mangorei road to visit New Plymouths newest Bridal Boutique - Boho Bridal, and it's owner - the lovely Abbey. 

Tucked down a short driveway off Karina Road - Boho Bridal is a beautiful and bright little space filled wth a perfectly gorgeous little selection of gowns fit for a princess! Boho Bridal originally started as La Dress back in 2010, but sometimes life gets in the way and Abbey, who was based in Australia at this time, and her sister Lisa, who she was working with, felt that as they were unable to give their brides the full 100% that they deserved, it was time to take a little break. But Abbeys passion for weddings and fashion proved to strong to resist and she's back in business with Boho Bridal. 

Abbey, much like Mrs TW, LOVES all things Bridal and Wedding. She has a keen eye for style and trends and her passion is evident in the gorgeous selection of gowns she has available in her little studio. When asked what her favourite thing was about weddings - Abbeys answer was, excitedly - THE DRESS! 

Abbey has worked closely with her designer and manufacturer, both based in China - even making the trip out to China to visit the factory where her dresses are designed and made - to ensure that they are original designs and of the highest quality - both in terms of materials and workmanship. Boho Bridals gowns go through a strict quality control process - guaranteeing you that the dress you receive is perfect! 

Boho Bridal also offers a custom design service - if you're struggling to find EXACTLY what you like....maybe you like the skirt on this dress, but you like the top of this one, but you'd prefer the whole thing to be made in a Duchess Satin instead of Taffeta and you'd like to add a sleeve and shorten the train.......... Boho Bridal can help turn your ideas into a reality. Their close working relationship with their designer and factory in China means that every possible measure is taken to make sure you receive a dress that is both beautiful and made to last. Their Designer even sends a sketch and fabric samples for you to approve before your dress goes into production. 

With dresses ranging from $1200 to $1600 - Boho Bridal is making custom design a little more affordable. 

Abbey has lots of exciting new options coming - including a range of gowns for their more budget concious brides starting at $300 and an even a Maternity Gown for expecting brides! 

They do say - the best things come in small packages - and they do!  Boho Bridal is petit, sweet and fantastic!!! But don't take our word for it - go visit Abbey at Boho Bridal and check out their gorgeous gowns for yourself!