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Liah Roebuck Bridal

By on 07-Jan-14 19:42

It’s always lovely to meet someone who is so creative and so passionate about what they do.  TW has featured Liah Roebuck’s beautiful gowns in a previous blog, this time I visited her at her studio for a coffee and a peek at the where the prettiness comes from....



Liah’s studio is a bright, light, tranquil space, filled with beautiful gowns....



...and plenty of inspiration!  Liah’s gowns are bespoke pieces, made by hand just for you.  Come armed with your own ideas, or try something from Liah’s current offerings and choose different lace, a different style bodice or skirt.  At the moment, Liah is in the middle of altering a gown passed from mother to daughter, an old tradition I am happy to say is making a comeback! 




Beautiful rolls of fabric hide under her worktable.  Liah works with everything from silk...



...through to handmade lace.



Tools of the trade!




I can see how brides would initially consider taking the “easy” road and order their dress online, thinking they are getting the bargain of the century. Oh, the horror stories I’ve heard!  Please think carefully before you buy online!   And before you do, I’d urge to you see a handmade gown up close and see how much detail, how much time and love goes into each piece (especially if you aren’t a seamstress).



With that in mind, I wanted to try and show you how much detail Liah puts into every one of her amazing gowns.  The lace on the right is the lace she has used on the bodice of the dress on the left.  It looks a little different though, doesn’t it?  Liah unstitches each of these lace pieces from the net backing....



And then carefully hand stitches each piece back onto the bodice of the dress, making a completely new pattern.



The result is gorgeous, delicate and exquisite.  A perfect gown fit for a special bride.  And every bride deserves to have a gown like this on their wedding day.


It makes me want to get married again!  Thanks for having me Liah and thank you for reading our first blog for 2014!


N from TW x