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By Louise Campbell on 20-Apr-17 06:04

Fresh from warm and beautiful Warrnambool, Australia - Elizabeth Jean Weddings and Events (EJWE) is the new kid on the block here on the Taranaki Wedding Scene!

Originally from Whanganui - the genius behind EJWE - Lizzy - moved to Melbourne, 8 years ago to work in the Event Industry. After gaining a Diploma in Wedding And Event Planning from the Australian Academey of Wedding and Event Planning, Elizabeth Jean Weddings and Events was born in 2012. Fast forward to 2013 - Lizzy stepped up the aisle herself and married the very handsome, also New Zealand born, Daniel and soon after their two gorgeous boys arrived to complete their family. The call of home brought Lizzy and her beautiful family and Elizabeth Jean Weddings to Taranaki in Winter 2016 and boy - are we glad to have her here! 

(behind the scenes pic of Elizabeth Jean Weddings and Events in action)

Lizzy is a WEALTH of knowledge when it comes to all things Weddings and Events - we couldn't wait to meet her and here all about some of the fabulous Weddings she's been involved in. 

But not only is Lizzy an incredible Wedding and Event Planner - she's also teaching the next generation of Wedding and Event Planners in her position as Tutor with the New Zealand Academey of Wedding and Event Planning. 

In the first of our new "Guest Blog" series - we turned to the super talented Lizzy and asked her for some top tips for Brides and Grooms planning their special day.....

And here's what she had to say....

"Planning your wedding is a stressful and hectic, but exciting, time. It is such a significant and memorable day and there are many things to think about and to consider in the lead up. When do I start shopping for my dress? When do I need to order it? What style of cake should we have? How many guests will we invite? Where will we have our ceremony? What if it rains? How much will it all cost?

The actual day itself is full of so many emotions, logistics, details to think of and situations that will arise. As a Wedding Planner, we will fix these issues -generally before anyone has even noticed them. Here are a few tips and tricks I recommended - to help create a comfortable and less stressful day:-


  1. Be a guest at your own wedding.
  2. Break in your wedding shoes  - seriously no one wants blisters or sore feet on their wedding day.
  3. Save money by using your ceremony flowers and decorations at your reception too. 
  4. Having children at your reception? Create an area especially for them and fill it with baskets of activities and toys – this will keep them happy and entertained.
  5. Have your engagement ring cleaned before your wedding day.
  6. If it doesn't come with one - invest in a nice coat hanger for your bridal gown – your photos will turn out better.
  7. Pack a pair of comfortable shoes for your reception – you will be thankful by the evening. 
  8. DIY is great - but hire wherever possible. It can save you money and lessens the burden when trying to store items and selling them afterwards.
  9. Be sure to drink plenty of water and rest as much as possible the week prior to your big day.
  10. Enjoy the day! You have spent so long planning this day - now that it is here – let your wedding coordinator worry about the logistics and managing your event.
  11. Make sure you have food and water packed for the bridal party to enjoy while you are off having photos – you don’t want to turn up at your reception hungry, tired or dehydrated.
  12. Create a hashtag for guests to use during the wedding to upload and tag all your photos.
  13. Always wear waterproof mascara.
  14. Purchase a new perfume – this will be a lovely reminder of your day, every time you wear it, for years to come
  15. Renting or creating a photo booth is not only a fun way to entertain guests but can double up as wedding favours for your guest to take home. 
  16. Take a newlywed selfie together.
  17. A wedding is an opportunity to showcase your personalities. Add personal touches wherever possible to make your day that little bit more special and memorable.
  18. Take some time out during the reception to spend with your new husband/wife  - reflect together on why you are both actually there.
  19. Take a moment during your ceremony to step back and take it all in. Enjoy having your loved ones there to participate in such a memorable event.
  20. Surprise your partner – have a secret note delivered to them before the ceremony, add in their favourite treat or chocolate as an extra surprise.
  21. Don’t let the weather rain on your parade - you can’t control mother nature (bad weather can also be a great photo opportunity anyway).
  22. Not washing your hair on your wedding day will help to hold your hair style or up do in place."