How to not be a Bridezilla!

Okay – so we’re going to get a tiny bit real with this blog. Bridezilla’s are everywhere! Hands up if you’ve seen the news article doing the rounds this week about¬†the crazy bride who wanted her wedding guests to come up with a $1700 contribution towards her dream wedding? Let’s be honest – that was […]

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Don’t Forget

You know how much you want to spend on your wedding, but do you have a contingency budget? So you’ve done all your research and you’ve figured out what you want and how much you want to/can afford to spend, right? (If you haven’t – check out our past blog on setting a Wedding Budget)¬† […]

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Got Wed……What Now?

The confetti has been swept away….the last glass of champagne has been drunk and you’ve danced, laughed and smiled for a thousand photos….. Your wedding day has been and gone and it’s perfectly normal to be feeling the “Post Wedding Blues” – afterall – you’ve given up a HUGE amount of time over the past […]

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Protect Yourself

So here’s the thing…..Wedding Planning can be a stressful time! No shock there right?! I mean – there’s all the saving up for everything you want and “need”, picking the perfect Bridal Party, the perfect gown, the perfect venue, the right Officiant and so on…..not to mention trying to decide who should sit where?!! Sheesh…..who […]

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