In honour and with love….

So this is a tricky subject to blog about – something that is a little close to home for me but sadly something that comes up in conversation only too often with couples who’re planning their weddings….. It’s a heart breaking topic to tackle – often too painful to even discuss – how to honour […]

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Slumber Party Time

It’s the night before the BIG DAY and your girl squad have arrived for the all-girls slumber party! Before you settle in for the night – here’s our Top 10 things to do the night before your BIG DAY! 1 – Make sure you eat a wholesome meal Resist the urge to binge on treats […]

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Expectations Vs. Reality

Hands up if you’ve got a Pinterest Board (or five) filled with your ideal table scapes, possible hair and make-up looks and photo pose ideas, a bedside table with a stack of beautiful bridal magazines and every episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” saved to your My Sky? We’ve been chatting wedding plans a […]

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